"All-in-one" software for long-term rental

Manage bookings, inventory and payments with FleetFlow. Track reservations for bikes, scooters and mopeds. Save time by automating tasks once done manually

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Simplify order management in one window

Control all order statuses, make changes and create invoices in one user-friendly platform. Manage everything in one place with instant access to customer information, product availability and documents. Your complete order management solution is just a click away!


Effortlessly take control of fleet

Keep an eye on available vehicles, check their status and monitor online capacity. Avoid shortages and overlapping reservations by always knowing which items are ready for use. Stay in control of your fleet with simple, real-time insights for smooth operations.

Automate document workflow and payments

Save time on document creation and distribution with FleetFlow. Automatically generate invoices, completion reports and send them directly to clients email. Accept payments seamlessly within the application, making the management of your business even more convenient.


Gain business insights with online reports

Quickly generate trip, user and payments reports for any given period with just one click in the Fleet Flow. Accessible online at any time, these reports empower you to analyze your operations effortlessly and ride in informed decision-making.

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Your rental is now in the app

Make your rental more accessible by allowing users to book your vehicles anytime, from anywhere in the city, using the app under your personalized brand on both Android and iOS.

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Start your rental with $7.90 stripes

Automate your processes and ensure smooth and efficient operation for your business for just $7.90 per unit of your fleet